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Stud Ewes

Currently available

Online sale, 4th September

Online Sale
4th September

100 ewes will be offered via Auctions Plus prior to our ram sale, from 7am - 12pm WST.

Stud Ewes graded for selection

Currently available

  • Commercial grade pure Dorper maiden ewes    

  • Commercial grade mated Dorper ewes

  • Stud maiden Dorper ewes - minimum 3 generations pedigree

  • Mated stud Dorper ewes - minimum 3 generations of pedigree


Embryo Transplant Program

  • Quality ewes available for selection to export embryo's

  • Large lines of quality Douwana genetics available    

  • Sire semen available on request


Australian Sheep Breeding Value's

ASBV's are an estimate of an animal’s true breeding value based on pedigree and performance recorded information.

They are essentially a projection of how that animals progeny will perform for a range of traits.


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